Send instant notifications from your WordPress website

Send Push Notifications to users’ desktops and mobiles instantly from your WordPress site

Research shows that Push Notifications have a higher click rate of over 25% as compared to Email or text messaging. Stay connected with your subscribers through instant clickable Push Notifications delivered directly to their browsers right from your WordPress website. All you need is a dedicated PushCrew plugin, and you can start sending them alerts. Even when they aren’t on your website but on Chrome or Firefox browsers through any device.

Why Use PushCrew WordPress Push Notifications Plugin

Automate Push Notifications

Tired of manually sending notifications? Don't worry, because PushCrew empowers you with the option of automating and scheduling your notifications for a later date and time.

Tailor-made messages

We understand the art of customizing communications to suit your audiences’ diverse needs. Add a personal touch to your Push Notifications to appeal to them.

Powerful metrics

Track the number of clicks through your PushCrew account. You can also check the number of subscribers and delivery rate of the notifications you send.

See How PushCrew WordPress Plugin Works

Create your free push notification account

Create your Free PushCrew Account and get your Account ID

Create your Free PushCrew Account. Then, on your Dashboard, click on the “Account Details” on the left of the screen and you’ll see your Account ID.

WordPress push notification plugin for your account

Add the PushCrew plugin to your WordPress dashboard

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins. Click on “Add New” on the left side. Now search for PushCrew in the search bar, select the plugin and click on “Install Now”. You’ve now installed PushCrew on your WordPress website. (If you want to download the plugin files directly, go to the WordPress plugin page.)

Trigger plugin and add your Account ID

Once you’ve installed the PushCrew plugin, you will be prompted to start the plugin. After doing so, go to Settings, click on PushCrew and type your Account ID (Refer to Step 1). You’re ready to use PushCrew.

Opt-in to allow displaying notifications to the browsers

Increase in click rate

The moment there’s a visitor on your website, an opt-in box will appear. If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, they will automatically get added to your subscriber list. You can personalize the opt-in message and the time after which the opt-in box appears.

Create brief WordPress Plugin push notifications

Send your First Notification

You’re set to send your first notification! Just log in to your PushCrew dashboard, compose a title and a crisp message for the Push Notification and hit send! It's that easy to send Push Notifications.

Send real time push messages from wordpress website

Track the results

Your visitors will see the Push Notification in real-time. You can track the number of notifications delivered, the click-rate, and many other metrics on your PushCrew dashboard.

How PushCrew Complements Your Website

Higher Conversion Rate

Send Push Notifications to users’ desktops and mobile devices, in real-time. PushCrew gives you immediate and measurable results in terms of higher click-rates.

Gain virtual visibility

Your visitors get instant alerts from your website through our Push Notifications Service. Get their attention with crisp push messages. And with more clicks, your business will soar!

Engage and Retain subscribers

With real-time Push Notifications, keep your subscribers engaged on your website using new and old posts. You’ll also see returning subscriber traffic increase on your website.

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