Push Notifications: The Ideal Marketing and Communication Tool

Push Notifications are instant, clickable messages which appear directly on your users’ desktops and mobile devices. Send them "real-time" or “schedule” to send them at any time to your audience. Even when they aren't on your website, just being on the browser is enough: your notification will reach them. You can do loads of things with PushCrew. For instance, e-commerce sites can just send push messages with details or coupon codes to start gaining sales. What’s more, it works on both desktop and mobile browsers.

What is Push Notification

Why opt for Push Notifications

Push Notifications help you engage your end users and subscribers with your website, sending push messages they have opted in for, without spamming them. Grab their attention in the most effective manner. Get them hooked to the latest updates and offers on your business/blog. Push Notification is easily the best way to communicate with your customers and build a loyal, marketable subscriber base.

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When can you send Push Notifications?

Push notifications can be a medium to communicate the following:

  • Send faster updates for Apps, announce latest features, new blog posts, and so on
  • Inform users about limited time offers and discounts
  • Reminders like events, appointments, actions to be taken
  • Emergency warnings for disasters, transportation, etc.
  • For efficient user engagement

Benefits of Push Notifications

Push Notifications can be used in diverse ways and across different industries. But its sole purpose is to get your message across to users in a personalized form, real-time. Two major industries which stand to benefit from Push Notifications are e-commerce and publishers/news websites/bloggers. It’s proven to be more effective than email marketing.

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For E-Commerce

Virtual stores can send Browser Push Notifications to engage their users at different stages of the buyer’s journey. They are useful-

  • To Announce New Product launch
  • To Publicize Starting of a Sale
  • To Get Authentication and Signups from Anonymous Users
  • To Deliver Personalized Offers and Promotions based on User Behaviour
  • To Recover Abandoned Carts

For Publishers/News Websites/Bloggers

Publishers, News Websites and Bloggers can reach out on a massive scale to their audiences through Browser Push Notifications.

  • Bring back users to your website and build strong Subscriber Loyalty
  • Proven method of escalating Ad revenue by increasing page views
  • Spectacular increase in visibility
  • Push traffic to your best-performing content
  • Increase subscriptions and downloads
  • Push instant content like breaking news, stock market news etc.
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