Give your subscribers a better user experience with the new Welcome Drip Campaign, tailor-made for push notifications. PushCrew’s new marketing automation feature allows you to send a series of notifications after a visitor opt in as a subscriber on your website. Create a Welcome Drip campaign and set a queue of notifications to be triggered after specific intervals.

The simplest way to keep your users engaged by customized welcome notifications

PushCrew Welcome drip campaign dashboard

Welcome your subscribers personally

Greet your new subscribers with a warm welcome. Create a good first impression with the personalisation feature by addressing your subscribers with their names, location, and other attributes.

PushCrew Welcome drip campaign dashboard

Create a Timeline

Create a series of on-boarding push notifications for your new subscribers to get acquainted with your website, or a user journey you wish them to fulfill. Set predefined notifications with as many drip notifications you wish to set. Yes, you got that right; there are no limits on the drip messages themselves. Which makes it simple to insert notification to the queue wherever you see fit, and to edit or delete any notification whenever you desire.

PushCrew Welcome drip campaign dashboard

Easy to Automate

As soon as the visitor opts-in he enters the Welcome Drip campaign. Now, you can schedule the period after which the subscriber should receive his first notification. Create a chain of notifications, setting up the time interval after which the consecutive notifications should be triggered.

Start the campaign and let PushCrew take care of the rest.

Get instant clicks and pageviews with real time notifications

Expire the Notifications

It’s incredibly easy to set an expiry time for time bound offers and deals you set in the campaign. The notification won’t get delivered until after the set days, hours or minutes. It’s the simplest way to structure your drip campaign with push notifications.

PushCrew Welcome drip campaign dashboard

Separate Reporting Dashboard

Want to find out how your welcome drip campaign is performing? All you have to do is click on the Reporting tab and see how each of the messages are performing. Know how many subscribers entered and completed the Welcome Drip campaign at a single glance. Not just that, you can also find out the statistics for each of the messages delivered, clicks, and the click rate.

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