Send web push notifications to different browsers

Send Website Push Notifications directly to browsers on desktops and mobile devices

Web Push Notifications help you instantly deliver relevant and crisp communications to your customers. These are brief clickable messages appearing on users’ desktops and mobile browsers. Users can receive these notifications from your website even when your website isn’t open on their devices. Keep your subscribers updated, informed and engaged.

Why Choose PushCrew’s Website Push Notification Service


Impress your users with Push Notifications based on their interests and activities. Our API can efficiently segment your audience on various parameters and send relevant notifications.

Grab User Attention

The most important task is to keep the visitors engaged to your website. With push alerts to send instant updates on latest deals, posts and other relevant information, keep users engaged.

Exceptional Support

PushCrew's team of experts is ready to help out when you’re stuck with anything related to Push Notifications. Our world-class support team has your back.

How To Start Using Web Push Notifications

Place smart code you receive to your PushCrew free account

Insert your Smart Code

You’ll be given a Smart Code when you create your Free PushCrew account. Place this Smart Code before the closing </head> tag on your URL.

Provide opt-in when visitor enters your website to send push notifications

Activate Opt-in

When there’s a visitor on your website, they’ll see an optin box. When the visitor clicks “Allow”, they are automatically subscribed to Push Notifications from your Website. They do not need to provide Email ID or other mundane details. Simple.

Compose and send web push notifications to different browsers

Ready for your first notification

You can now send out your very first Web Push Notification to your users. Visit your PushCrew dashboard, compose the title and the notification message and hit ‘Send’. There goes your first notification into the world.

Subscribers view push messages sent through the website to their browser


Your subscribers can now view your push message on their desktops and mobile devices. See how many Push notifications were clicked through your PushCrew dashboard. Also, see how many were delivered and other such metrics from your dashboard. We are sure you’ll love the results.

Benefits of using Web Push Notifications

Cost-Effective Tool

Without investing on developing a mobile app, send smart push messages to Web Browsers on both desktop and mobile devices, even when your website isn't open on them!

Win more Subscribers!

With Push Notifications on desktops and mobiles, the chances of piquing audience interest and getting clicks become higher. You might see CTR numbers increase by more than 25%.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Keep your subscribers engaged to the website by sending useful and contextual notifications. This will maintain their interest and keep them hooked to your website.

The Ultimate API

PushCrew API plays strong role in sending notifications
The PushCrew API gives you the authority of sending customized notifications to users based on their interests and keep a stronger hold on the subscriber list.

Why PushCrew's API is sensational!

  • Unique customized Push Notifications
  • Be the owner of your subscriber list by transferring from PushCrew to your Google Analytics account
  • Sophisticated User Segmentation based on different parameters!
To know more about how to get control over your subscriber list, you can check The importance of having your own FCM keys.

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