Marketers have used SMS and Email to communicate with users for a long time. But today, the trend is shifting to Push Notifications. This new technology clearly has more benefits than these older mediums and has been creating waves. Read on to know which how Push Notifications stack up against email and SMS.

Push notifications need just one-click subscription

One Click Subscription

The opt-in process is fairly simple for Push Notifications. Your first time visitor needs to only click on “Allow” when prompted. And they get added to your subscriber list! No need for email IDs or contact numbers. This also saves your time filtering the fake Email IDs that many users give for subscriptions. Quick, real and effective!

Push Notifications have higher click rate compared to email and SMS

High Click Through Rate

One cannot simply ignore a Push Notification. They are eye- catching. Users tend click on them the moment they appear on their screens. Whereas Emails would be lying unopened in user’s inbox or maybe in their spam folder. SMS messages, similar to the other two mediums, are delivered instantly, unless the mobile phone is unreachable. But both email and SMS still rely on notifications to remind the user that they’re lying unread in the inbox.

Send real time updates to different platforms instantly

Cross-Platform Delivery

Be it Breaking News, Sale Season or Live Scores, Push Notifications get the message across to your users instantly! They keep your users updated in real-time. What adds to this awesomeness is that they work on mobiles, desktops and tablets! And your user need not even be on your website to receive your notification. Whereas SMS is restricted to the mobiles and Emails can be accessed only when you open the inbox.

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Easier to compose message and directly send users to your landing page

Compose Messages Quickly

It’s easy to compose a Push Notification and hit send! The steadfast character limit ensures that your messages remain succinct. On the other hand, Emails require a lot of thought and editing before sending them out. This is because emails are longer, with more content. In SMS, you don’t require to have long text though. But you need to add links, if any. Whereas in a Push Notification, just by clicking on it, your user lands on the page specified by you.

Push Notification Guidelines

Increase user engagement with powerful CTA buttons

High User Engagement

Push Notifications offer a lot of scope to send personalised notifications. You can benefit by adding strong calls to action to improve user engagement. Another element that goes hand in hand with delightful personalization is non-intrusiveness. Push Notifications don’t interrupt user activity. In contrast, emails lay unopened for a long time and might not deliver urgent information. Also, you may not be able to derive high engagement levels when compared to Push Messages. SMS can be personalized as well, but can be obtrusive and may annoy users.

Tips to Increase User Engagement

Measure your Push Notification performance with the right metrics

The Metrics vouch for Push Notifications

Your Push Notifications performance can be measured precisely with the metrics available. From opt-in rates, clickthrough rates, subscriber count to notifications delivered, you can track all these. And many businesses that use Push Notifications have seen a massive increase in their click rate and subscriber list! This is way higher when compared to Email or SMS marketing.

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