Everyone loves hand-crafted notes made especially for them. Web Push Notifications are the closest tech can come to that. Customers are likely to click on messages that pique their interest and emotions. This means that there are certain kinds of Push Notifications that customers like receiving. These notifications keep your users interested, entertained, or even feel loved. We give you the 7 types of creative Push Notification Ideas that would keep your audience engaged.

Funny push notifications to cheer up your users

Encouraging and funny Push Notifications

Send users some love with funny Push Notifications or cheer them up with motivational ones. You can send messages like “Congratulations! You have run 15 kms today! In two weeks you’ll be prepared to run the marathon!”

Reminder notifications to take action

Reminder notifications

Is a user profile incomplete on your job hunt portal? Send them a reminder to fill up missing information so that they do not miss out on important opportunities. This delights users, and they would want to remain loyal. This type of reminder is perfect for fitness junkies, job portals, educational portals, nutrition sites and many more!

FYI notifications to send alerts about latest updates

For Your Information (FYI) notifications

Want to let your users know about trending news on travel? Then send them this travel news alert! You can similarly send messages on latest weather report, updates about their field of interests! If this fits your business, start pushing!

Send notifications to urge the user to perform certain actions

Action based Push Notifications

Want to nudge your users to make the item purchase in their cart? Then gently send them something like, “You have 1 item in your cart. Buy before the stocks run out!” This type of notification urges your users to take the desired action. Nudge notification, maybe?

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Send interest based push notification according to user’s location

Interest based on Geolocation notifications

Want to send your users deals on fine dining restaurants in their current location? Then send them interests based updates in their vicinity! These type of notifications are great for date match alerts, stores nearby, and lots more! Tinder is a good example.

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Mobile push notifications without developing a mobile app

Mobile friendly web Push Notifications

Are your users mostly engaged on their mobile phones? Then send them mobile friendly Push Notifications. This means, you can send them push messages right to their phones without an app!

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Send time bound notification that expires after a certain period

Time bound notifications

Want to send your users a limited-time offer? Send them a time bound push message! They’ll be eager to grab the opportunity and use the offer. Set a notification expiry once the time has lapsed. Users who came online later will not click through to find an expired deal.

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