Increase website engagement rate and user loyalty with the new advanced marketing automation tool. A strategic marketing strategy for your Push Notifications can yield amazing results when implemented in the right manner.


Easy Opt-In and Opt-Out Options

Push Notifications are a strictly permission-based medium, and the opt-in acts as the first touchpoint with a new visitor. Similarly, these notifications ensure that it isn’t difficult to opt out either. This way the subscriber feels empowered to have the choice of receiving or avoiding messages, and you can target only the interested prospects.

Quick Tip

Experiment with the timing of your Opt-In message. It could be after 10 seconds of engaging with your website, or it could be immediately upon landing on your webpage. A/B test to see what works the best for you.


Outline the Objective

Define the goal and objective you are trying to achieve from this campaign. Map out the desired actions that you want the visitors to perform. Start with identifying the user personas to communicate effectively.


Craft Compelling Messages

How you craft your message and communicate it to your readers is important. That’s why, your notification titles and messages should be unique and interesting. Write a catchy title, and keep the content crisp. Remember that your users can be in the middle of something and the notification will flash momentarily on their screens. Short and concise messages make it easier to connect. Power words and effective CTA can lead users to take the desired action that you want them to perform.

Guidelines to follow

Craft Compelling Messages

Right Type of Notifications

You can send a notification that is informative, time-bound, or simply a reminder. With A/B testing, find out what type of Push Notification engages your audiences more. Hence, test and find out which Type of Push Notification best suits your business and users’ needs. This is important because you should send messages that your specific users prefer. Also, consider the type of products or services you have to offer. Make sure your message depicts the right emotion. Spread out your notifications according to the nature of the content.

Know More

Quick Tip

Monitor the responses closely to analyse the right type of notifications. Don’t forget about time zone differences and how often or seldom you should be sending Push Notifications.


Personalize and Segment

Send Push Notifications to your users selectively. It’s been found that messages broadcast to all the subscribers result in low engagement. Adding a personal touch to your marketing plan always takes you an extra mile. Make your users feel special, promoting them the most relevant content. It’s important to convey the right message to the right audience at the right time. Segment your users based on different parameters, to help you categorize the subscribers and increase the engagement rate.

Personalized Notifications

Quick Tip

Identify the parameters that would help you segment customers better. Send specific Pushes to the right segment.

Time Frequency

Timing and Frequency

Look out for the best time to reach out to your subscribers. It works in two ways—understand the time-zone they belong to so that you can schedule the notifications accordingly. Secondly, understand the apt time when there is maximum engagement and you don’t end up disturbing them. It’s also important to know how much is too much. You would not want to bombard them with continuous notifications on a single day, annoying them. It’s noted that click rate declines with every next notification. We generally recommend not sending more than one Push Notification a day.

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Quick Tip

1-2 PM is the most popular time with marketers to send push notifications. However, the peak click rate is witnessed during 5-7 PM. Unlike emails, people seem to respond to a push notification after working hours.


Track the Right KPIs

Your Mobile and Web Push Notification KPIs should be in sync with your marketing goals. It’s not only important to know how your strategy has worked out but also the value your campaign will add in the long run to your business goals. Analyze the right metrics and figure out how your notifications campaign are performing. Measure the right numbers to know the performance of your Push Notification campaign. The click rate provides deeper insights about audience engagement, and what’s working and what’s not. Also, keep a close watch on your subscriber count. This provides you an insight what made someone subscribe to your website. And lastly, the Delivery Rate tells how many subscribers have received your notifications.

Metrics to Measure

Quick Tip

Include engagement, turnover, and Customer Retention as your KPIs. Test these out.

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