Why choose PushCrew

Send notifications only to your active subscribers and Improve your delivery rate

Introducing Ghosting

The number of subscribers are important if you have to communicate effectively with them. Our Ghosting feature helps you improve your Web and Android Push Notification Delivery Rate. Inactive subscribers are added to the unsubscribers list. This means, you only pay for Notifications that are actually delivered. We give you full value for your money. Only PushCrew uses Ghosting to give you accurate deivery rates.

Increase your opt-in rate with PushCrew

An Astounding Opt-in Rate

Wondering how to increase the number of subscribers? Simple, the moment your visitor sees an opt-in for push messages from your website, they only need to give permission. This way, they automatically get added to your website subscriber list. No need for contact or personal details. The result is a killer Push Notification Opt-in Rate!

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Customize your notifications to increase your CTR

Skyrocketing Clicks with elaborate customization

Do you struggle with your communication to users directly going to their spam folder and not being opened? Solve this with our amazing array of customization options. From adding custom images and emoticons to Scheduling your Notifications, your users will be engaged more. The result will be a 2X jump, at the least, in your click-rates!

PushCrew powerful metrics help you track and analyze how your push notifications work

Powerful Metrics that’ll make your business highly successful!

  • Track your daily subscribes and unsubscribes.
  • Formulate strategies by keeping a tab on the subscribes and unsubscribes list for the last 15 days.
  • See how many Push notifications have been delivered to your subscribers and chalk out your marketing communication plan accordingly.
  • Identify the number of clicks each of your sent notifications have received.
  • Lastly, you can track the click rate of each of your Push Notifications.
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