Why do you need cart abandoned notifications?

Retarget the lost customers that failed to complete their purchases through cart abandonment notifications. At times, a customer adds something to their cart and forgets to check out. Simply sending an email no longer works, as they don’t create the urgency, and their open rates aren’t high enough. Whereas Push Notifications grab attention quicker, and take your visitors directly to the checkout page, enticing them to complete their purchase.

Implement PushCrew Web Push Notifications for your eCommerce websites to reduce cart abandonment

Recover your abandoned shopping carts with notifications and go an extra mile to urge them complete purchases with future alert on offers and price drops. Create Cart Abandonment campaigns right through your PushCrew account dashboard. Why spend time coding when you can just automate and trigger notifications at ease.

Funnel to recover abandonment cart

Funnel to recover abandonment cart

Schedule a series of automated notifications to be sent at optimal interval, until they complete their purchase. Set up an entry trigger for each campaigns, with a set of predefined logic and conditions. PushCrew advanced customization let you play around the tool, right through the dashboard, without a single line of coding.

Build unlimited campaigns

Build unlimited campaigns

We understand retailers can never have a standard campaign. You would prefer the flexibility and ease to set your own campaigns based on different parameters, that works the best for you. With PushCrew, you can build as many campaigns you desire and add your prospects in the different lists you wish to target.

Send notifications

Send notifications to the right target audience

Create a dynamic list of customers who added a product to their cart, but did not complete the checkout process. Each campaign can have custom audiences, based on different subscriber properties, that you choose. Categorize based on their location, platform, devices and much more.

Engagement Metrics

Track Your Success with Engagement Metrics

Don’t just get your visitors back to their abandoned cart, but also keep a track on how many completed their purchase and converted to customers. Furthermore, PushCrew’s in-depth reporting helps you assess the notifications delivered, number of clicks and the click rate for each campaign.

Why do you need cart abandoned notifications?
  • No coding required to set up campaign.
  • Advanced customization right through the dashboard.
  • Designed for marketers ease-of-use.
  • Define your target audience for each campaign.
  • Create multiple entry triggers.
  • Schedule notifications at different interval.
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