Send push notifications from Joomla website to users's browsers

Send Push Notifications from your Joomla website to users’ mobile and web browsers

Is your website on Joomla? PushCrew can help you crack the way to a higher subscriber rate, and more returning visitors. Take your customer communications several notches higher at one go, all of it without the need for any extra expertise at all. With PushCrew’s plug-and-play Joomla plugin for Push Notifications, increasing return visitor numbers and audience engagement is child’s play, really.

Why PushCrew Push Notifications For Joomla

Personalize and Automate

Make your subscribers feel cared for by sending them succinct personalized notifications based on their interests. Schedule your notifications for a later date and time and as per your audience time zones.

Track User Response

Track and measure user engagement by using PushCrew dashboard for important user analysis and other metrics. This will give you deeper, actionable insights on your push messaging strategy.

Incredibly easy installation

PushCrew’s uber-cool Push Notifications platform is absolutely easy to set up and is good to go in no time. Follow the simple steps to start using PushCrew and you can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Check Out How Push Notifications For Joomla Work

Create free PushCrew account

Get your Account ID by creating Your Free PushCrew account

Create your Free PushCrew Account and go to your dashboard. On the left side of the panel, click on “Account Details”. This will display your Account ID.

Add PushCrew plugin to your Joomla account

Add the PushCrew plugin to your Joomla dashboard

Log in to your Joomla admin dashboard, and click on “Manage”, under “Extensions”. Now, search for PushCrew in the "Install from Web" search bar, select the plugin and click on Install.

Enter your PushCrew Account ID

Initiate plugin and put your Account ID

Activate the plugin post installing the PushCrew plugin. For this, head to Extensions, then Plugins and search for 'PushCrew'. Select the plugin and change status to 'Enabled'. Now type your Account ID (see Step 1). Lastly, click Save & then Close.

Opt-in-box to Joomla website to subscribe push notifications

Get high on increasing click-rate!

The moment a visitor lands on your website, an opt-in box will pop, asking the visitor to subscribe to Push Notifications from your website. If the visitor clicks on “Allow”, they are added to your subscriber list. You’ll see the jump in subscriber count on the PushCrew dashboard.

Send website subscribers first push notification to different browsers

You’ve done it! *Drum-roll*

Congratulations! You're set to send your first Push Notification. Your subscribers will see the push notification in real time. Track push notification deliveries, click rate and other metrics on your dashboard.

How PushCrew Push Notifications Power Your Website

Move over, email marketing

Conversion rate of Push Notifications is above 25% as compared to emails. Sending real-time updates of a trending offer or a post is far more effective than sending boring emails.

Mobile App? Nah!

Why blow money on building a mobile app when you can send app-like notifications on the go, in real-time? Joomla Push Notifications work on mobile web browsers too!

Awe new and old users

Amaze your subscribers by sending Push Notifications that will keep them engrossed on your website with new and old posts, great deals, breaking news and much more!

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