Simple way to set up and implement push notifications

See how Push Notifications can increase your user engagement rate

With PushCrew Push Notifications increase your user engagement rate over 40%. Push Notifications are interactive, clickable messages that lead the visitor directly to your website. Stay connected with your subscribers and keep them hooked to your website. PushCrew helps increase your website visits and online visibility exponentially. And the set-up takes less than five minutes.

How Push Notifications Work For Chrome, Firefox And Android Devices On Desktop And Mobile Browsers

Insert smart code for mobile and desktop browser

Place your Smart Code

Create your Free PushCrew Account, you’ll get a Smart Code. Put this Smart Code before the closing </head> tag on your web page.

Activate opt-in for asking visitors permission to send notifications from the website

Activate Opt-in

When there’s a visitor on your website for the first time, an opt-in box appears, asking for permission to send them Push Notifications. When the visitor clicks “Allow”, they are added to your subscriber list. They don’t need to provide their Email ID or other details. It’s this quick and easy.

Compose the title and message to send your first push notification

Ready to send your first Push Notification

Open your PushCrew dashboard, compose the title and the message and hit send! There goes your first Push Notification!

Send the notifications and start tracking different metrics

Tracking your notifications

Track the Click-Through-Rate of the notifications sent to your subscribers right through your PushCrew dashboard. See your engagement and other metrics that will help you in planning your campaigns.

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How Push Notifications Work For Your RSS Feed

Create your free PushCrew account

Register for a Free PushCrew Account

Right after signing up, you’ll be taken to your PushCrew dashboard.

Insert your website url in RSS-to-push

Insert your website URL in RSS-to-push

You’ll see “RSS-to-push” on the left side in your Dashboard. Click there and insert your website URL in “Your RSS URL”. You can also add URLs of other websites you own in “Add Another RSS Feed”.

Send push notification through RSS feed everytime a new post is updated

You’re ready

Every time you publish a new post, PushCrew can now automatically send Push Notifications to your subscribers.

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How Push Notifications Work For WordPress and Joomla

Create free account and get your ID

Generate your Free PushCrew Account and get your Account ID

Once you sign up, you will be directed to your Dashboard. Go to “Account Details” on the left hand side of the panel. Click on “Account Details” and you can view your Account ID.

Insert PushCrew Plugin to your website dashboard

Insert the PushCrew plugin to your WordPress/Joomla dashboard

Log in to your WordPress/Joomla dashboard and go to Plugins. Click on “Add New” on the left hand side of the Dashboard panel. Search for PushCrew in the search bar, select the plugin (WordPress/Joomla) and click on “Install Now”. Your website now has PushCrew installed.

Enter your PushCrew Account ID to initiate the plugin

Activate plugin and add your Account ID

Next you will be asked to initiate the plugin. After activating the plugin, go to Settings, click on PushCrew and type your Account ID (Refer to Step 1).

Add subscribers to your account with the opt-in

Initiate Opt-in

When someone visits your website, an opt-in box appears. When the visitor clicks on “Allow”, they automatically get added as your subscriber. You can also personalize the opt-in message, title and the time after which the opt-in box will appear to first-time visitors.

Send push notifications through your WordPress and Joomla PushCrew plugin

Push your First Notification

You’re now ready to send your first notification. Log in to your PushCrew dashboard, compose a title and a catchy message body and hit send!

Track CTR and other metrics on your PushCrew dashboard

Track number of clicks

Your visitors will start receiving your notification. You can track the number of push notifications, click-on and other metrics on your PushCrew dashboard.

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