Send firefox browsers push notifications from your website

Send Push Notifications to users' desktops and mobile on Firefox Browser

Keep your visitors hooked and returning to your website with Push Notifications for Firefox browser. Through real-time, crisp, relevant messages that are triggered to their desktops and mobiles even when they aren’t on your website. This can be anything from your new blog post to an exciting offer, or an upcoming event. With PushCrew, you can get more traffic to your website.

Why Use PushCrew’s Firefox Web Push Notifications

Tailor-made communication

Grab users’ attention with personalized Firefox browser Push Notifications. Compose unique messages your customers will love, and lead them back to your website.

Get Mobile users hooked!

Get your mobile users hooked to your site by sending them Push Notifications from your website directly to their Android phone. Even without having a mobile app.

Schedule Notifications

Sending manual notifications across the globe is consuming all your time and giving you sleepless nights? Fret not, just schedule your notifications for a later date and time.

Build Stronger User Base

With PushCrew push messages, you can build a stronger visitor base using Firefox Push Notifications. Don’t worry anymore about users missing out on important communication.

Preview Notifications

Worried about how your notifications will look? Relax. PushCrew Preview Notifications feature lets you have a quick glance and perfect your notifications before you send them out.

Quick Installation

No time-consuming steps to follow, as the installation is very simple and will take you less than five minutes! You’ll be ready to send your first push messages right away.

How do Firefox Web Desktop Notifications Work?

Get code for sending your Firefox notification

Insert your Smart Code

You’ll get a Smart Code immediately after creating your free PushCrew account. Place this Smart Code before the closing </head> tag on your web page.

Opt-in box to ask permission when visitor enters your website

Enable Opt-in

An opt-in box appears when a visitor opens your website. It asks for permission to send Push Notifications to the visitors' Firefox browser. The moment the visitor clicks “Allow”, they get added to your subscriber list. No email ID or other personal details required. Simple and efficient.

Create push message to send notfications

Set up to send your first notification

You’re now ready to send your first Push Notification to your users. Open your PushCrew dashboard, write the title and the message you want your users to receive from your website. Hit Send! Sit back and wait for the push notification to work its magic.

Subscribers start receiving your push notifications to Firefox browsers


Your subscribers can now view your Push Notifications. You can keep a tab on your notifications through your PushCrew dashboard. The dashboard also lets you view the number of clicks on your Push Notifications and other analyzed data. Yup, you’ve found your unicorn.

How PushCrew Firefox Push Notifications Help your Business

Increase Conversion Rate

Desktop and mobile browser Push Notifications increase CTRs significantly in comparison to email campaigns. Get more responses and increase your website conversion rate.

Wider Online Visibility

Push Notifications enable you to send instant customized messages to your subscribers. Grab their attention with relevant messages and land them on your web page.

Engross and Retain customers

Push Notifications keep your customers engaged with your deals and offers, prompting them to return to your website. This is the smartest way to sustain users’ interest in your offering.

Robust API

PushCrew API to send relevant and targeted notifications
PushCrew's API gives you the power to send earmarked notifications to users based on their interests. You’ll also be in command of your subscriber list.

Benefit of PushCrew's awesome API:

  • Power to send customized push notifications
  • Send subscriber data from PushCrew to your Google Analytics account
  • Target and segment your subscriber base using variables like interests, geo-targeting and a whole lot more!
To know more about how to get control over your subscriber list, you can check: The importance of having your own FCM keys.

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