Here's what PushCrew can do for you!

 Schedule your push notifications as per your convenience

Schedule your notifications

Set your notifications for a time of your choice. If you know when your audience is most active, you can simply schedule a notification for that time. This means that your audience sees the notification more, clicks on it more, engages with it more, and you get more traffic!

Implement different user-cases with help of JS and Rest API

JavaScript API and REST API

Implement sophisticated use-cases with two powerful APIs. For example, sending particular notifications to an individual, mapping internal data about your audience with their PushCrew IDs to send contextual communications, and much more.

Send customized push messages with segmentation feature

Send notifications to specific segments

Group your audience into various segments, so you can send them targeted notifications. You can divide your audience based on geography, interests, or anything at all, and send them customized notifications.

Give personal touch to your push notification with custom images

Add images to your notifications

Everyone knows that engagement increases when an image accompanies your message. And especially in Push Notifications, wouldn’t they do so five-fold? Yes! The crew’s got you covered there. With PushCrew, you can add context to your notifications with custom images.

Get quicker response to all queries and trouble shooting with PushCrew expert support team

No-holds-barred support

Our world class support team is always on standby to help you with your queries on email and Skype. However, if you’re facing an issue that you can’t seem to resolve, the crew will be glad to schedule a video call, or a TeamViewer session so the issue can be resolved real-time.

Link multiple websites and multi-user to a single account to send notifications

Multi-website, multi-user support

Do you have multiple websites, and do multiple people need access to the platform? No problem. PushCrew supports multiple websites and multiple users in a single account, so you can use PushCrew easily, and make sure your site visitors are always engaged.

Implementation Engineer to help you strategize sending your notifications

Notification Consultant and Implementation Engineer

Enterprise accounts can engage the services of a Notification Consultant who’ll help devise a Push Notifications Strategy for the business. The Implementation Engineer will help you with all things tech. Facing an issue, or want to implement a use-case with the APIs? No problem, your Implementation Engineer will do it for you.

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