Use rich push notifications to grab more attention

Rich Push Notifications

Increase customer engagement by adding big images and emojis to your push notifications. Use engaging buttons to dramatically boost click throughs and entice subscribers to different landing pages of your website.

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Advanced segmentation capabilities to bucket your subscribers

Powerful Segmentation

Group your subscribers based on their website activities such as pages visited, products viewed, products added to cart and more. You can also segment them based on their device type, location, etc. and send them targeted push notifications to drive user engagement. Our customers have seen upto 60% higher click rates with audience segmentation!

How Segmentation Works

Create multiple campaigns based on subscriber behavior

Behavior-based Triggered Campaigns

Create an automated series of messages that are triggered by your visitors’ real-time website behavior. Using Triggered Campaigns you can convert abandoned carts into sales, upsell & cross sell products to grow repeat purchases, impress new users with an effective onboarding campaign, nudge in-active subscribers ahead in the buyer’s journey and lots more! Drive conversions by encouraging users to complete certain actions/goals on your website.

How Triggered Campaign Works

Give your notifications a personal touch with first name and more

Personalized Notifications

Make your users feel special with personalization. Send customized push notifications to your subscribers that address them with their name, previous purchase history, favorite brand, and much more. Boost engagement and convert your users into loyal customers using personalized push notifications.

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A/B testing

A/B testing

Boost your campaign engagement by experimenting with different ideas for your marketing messages. You can test which titles, images and buttons work better with your audience. Create different variants of the same notification - we’ll test and send the best performing notification to your subscribers.

Track all your Push Notification metrics right through the dashboard

Supercharged Dashboard

Measure and analyze the performance of your push notification campaigns in real-time. Track your ROI from push notifications based on parameters such as delivery rate, click-rate and the conversion rate for your campaign.

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Integrate your website platform with Push Notifications

Powerful Integrations

PushCrew has integrations with top platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, InstaPage, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. Are you looking for Custom Integration? Speak to our Sales team and we’ll be happy to build a custom integration for you.

Additional Features To Scale Your Business

RSS to Push

Automate updates by linking PushCrew to your RSS feed. Ensure that your subscribers don’t miss a single blog post or video.


Welcome Notifications

Automate a series of onboarding notifications immediately after the visitor subscribes. Nudge them to explore your website more.


Go local

Craft and deliver messages in your business language to create a deeper impact. Our multilingual messaging supports all script written from left-to-right format (LTR).



Implement complex and custom use cases with two powerful APIs. Map internal data of your audience to Subscriber IDs, create segments, and more.


Time the notifications

Easy to send notifications in real-time or schedule them for a later date and time. Further set an expiry limit for time-bound deals and offers.


Multiple websites and users

Manage all of your websites through a single account. Share access with your team and manage their privileges as an admin or user.


Customer Support

Work smoothly with our unmatched support. Our world class support team is always on standby to assist with your queries and resolve issues 24x7.


Notification Strategist

Let our Notification Consultant help you optimize your push notification campaigns.

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