Push Notifications are creating their own space as a marketing and communication channel. This brings us to the next most important question - How do we evaluate Push Notification Services? This is something we thought we should tell you.

We love our Data

The most important thing when you choose any software provider - especially in these times, when everything is on SaaS - is the freedom to move your data. In the case of Push Notifications, this data is even more important. You need to nurture the subscribers you’ve gathered over months and years of hard work. It’s important that they receive relevant messages, based on their interests. You can’t afford to spam them and lose one precious prospective customer. You start figuring out how to filter and categorize them, and this ain’t possible when everything is stored in one service you are using. And therefore, when a particular service doesn’t work for you, and you want to move, it should be easy for you to switch providers without losing subscribers and supporting data.

So, how do you make sure that your data and subscribers are yours to move and alter?

We have the answer, and this is what other providers aren’t telling you - the importance of having your own FCM keys.

What is an FCM key?

FCM, latest version of GCM, for sending push notifications
Freeflys push notification using PushCrew

FCM stands for Firebase Cloud Messaging. It is the new version of Google Cloud Messaging. This new version comes power packed with more features, is accessible and easier than its older version (GCM).

In order to send Push Notifications, Chrome needs you to signup for a free FCM account. PushCrew has its own FCM account, linking all of its user base. Your subscriber list gets automatically linked with PushCrew FCM Account. As a well-wisher we wouldn’t encourage this. In case you don’t have your own FCM account, you can easily set it up after signing up for PushCrew.

It’s best to create your own FCM account

It becomes difficult to export your subscriber list if you do not have your own FCM keys. If you want the convenience of moving or exporting your subscriber base, if and when you wish, you are advised to create your own FCM account to send Push Notifications.

If you don’t create your own FCM key, you will still be able to use PushCrew, or any other service provider. However, you won't be able to export the subscribers list if you don't have your own FCM credentials. If you create your FCM key after collecting a few subscribers, then you can export only those subscribers that you collected with your own FCM key.

Our last parting note

Currently you can add as many subscribers and Push Notifications on a single FCM key; Google has not specified any constraints. But in the future, Google just might limit these numbers. And if this happens, you’ll have to share PushCrew’s subscriber base limit number with our other clients.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to create your own FCM account, and add the FCM Project Number and FCM API key to your Push Notifications account.

If you need any help setting this up or have any queries, feel free to reach us at support@pushcrew.com

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