Send push notifications to your Chrome browsers through your website

Send Chrome Push Notifications to desktops and mobiles in less than 5 minutes!

Send real-time Push Notifications to the users’ Chrome web and mobile browser and actively engage your audience. Chrome, being the most popular web browser, becomes the most effective way to send notifications to different devices. What more, they need not even be on your website, they just have to be active on their browser to receive instant notifications.

Why choose PushCrew Chrome Push Notifications


Customize your messages and push them to the right audience based on their interests/actions. Send clickable Push Notifications to redirect the users directly to any URL on your website.

Without Mobile App

Push Notifications work on all devices that use Chrome. Now you can build an audience through your mobile website without building a mobile app.

Schedule Notifications

Why worry about sending notifications in real-time when you can schedule them for a later time and date? Save time spent on manually sending notifications.

Multi Website and Multi-user

Why create different accounts for your multiple websites? Add all your websites in one account and start sending notifications. Collaborate with your teammates.

Preview Notifications

Evaluate the impact of your notifications before you push them out. See how they look in your browser. Send it out to your subscribers only when you are satisfied.

Easy to Setup

Set up your account in no time and start sending notifications in less than 5 minutes. Implement Browser Push Notifications and interact with your users all in real-time.

How to Enable Chrome Notifications for Desktop and Mobile

Insert PushCrew smart code

Insert your Smart Code

The moment you create your free PushCrew account, you’ll receive a Smart Code. Place it before the closing </head> tag on your website page.

Opt-in box to ask permission for sending chrome browser notification

Opt-in activation

When a visitor lands on your website, they receive an opt-in box asking for permission to send Push Notifications on their Chrome browser. When the visitor clicks on “Allow”, he/she will be added to your subscriber list. You skip the tedious task of asking for email address or other details.

Create your first PushCrew push notification

Send your first notification

You’re now set to send your very first PushCrew Push Notification. Just log in to your PushCrew dashboard, compose a title and message for the Push Notification and you're ready to send!

Send real time push notification from PushCrew to Chrome browser

And that's done!

Once you click on send, your visitors will see your notification in real time. You can track your Push Notifications on your PushCrew dashboard. You can also track the number of clicks on your notifications and other metrics.

Why Your Business Needs Chrome Push Notifications

Wider reach

Chrome is the dominant browser throughout the world on different platforms. With its mass usage, implementing Chrome Push Notifications will help you reach a wider audience base.

Easier Opt-in

Chrome makes it easier for your subscribers to receive Push Notifications through your website. PushCrew has a great user experience and seamless compatibility with the Chrome browser.

Re-engage and retain

Re-engage with, and retain old customer relationships through Desktop Notifications. Send relevant and meaningful updates, deals, and other content.

Powerful API

PushCrew API to send relevant and targeted notifications
PushCrew's API gives you the power to send relevant and targeted notifications based on user interests and behaviour. It also gives you control over your subscriber list. You can use the API to
  • Send personalized push notifications
  • Push subscriber data from PushCrew to your Google Analytics account
  • Segment your subscribers based on different parameters like interests, online behaviour, location and more!
To know more about how to get control over your subscriber list, you can check: The importance of having your own FCM keys.

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