"PushCrew is helping me start the day with my readers on the right foot by providing them content at the right time. It keeps the content fresh when other channels can get stale fast - a unique problem faced by the deals space."

~ John ‘Samples’ Clark, Website Owner of Yo! Free Samples

About Yo! Free Samples

Everything free comes with a hidden price tag. Everything free on the internet usually comes with a hidden survey. What sets Yo! Free Samples apart from run-of-the-mill websites offering Free Samples and Coupons is precisely their take on this. Founded in 2007, this website has been keeping its proposition clear and upfront for the last ten years – Free Samples without Surveys.

The Use Case

John ‘Samples’ Clark is the key writer at Yo! Free Samples. He carefully curates online deals daily and posts them along with their requirements – if the customer must provide an email address or a Facebook login to access the offer, for instance.

One of the unique challenges in his domain is that the content should remain perpetually fresh. You wouldn’t want customers clicking on an expired offer and leaving empty-handed. When John came across web push notifications from PushCrew, he sensed a solution to this problem and decided to give it a spin.

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The PushCrew Effect

Setting up PushCrew was easy. All John had to do was add the setup code to his website and, voila! Since then, he has received quarter of a million sessions from push notifications alone and 99% of them have been from returning visitors.

Earlier, John used to reach out to his customers through email newsletters. After adopting push notifications, he has unlocked a very effective symbiosis between the two channels. He reaches out to his customers with an offer, first thing in the morning, through a push notification. He ends the day with an email newsletter, sharing the best offers.

Sometimes, his newsletter subscribers would write to him about offers that they missed – deals that would have expired by the time they opened the emails and landed on the website. In such cases, he has the solution ready now – push notifications, of course. He introduces the upset customers to this channel and once they subscribe, they start receiving offers real-time whenever they are online.

This working relationship shows that a new channel need not work as an alternative to your tried and tested ones. They can work in tandem to send the right message, at the right time.

Click rates for Yo! Free Samples
Click rates for Yo! Free Samples

The Way Ahead

Yo! Free Samples gets an average click rate of 17.96% from their push notifications. This is huge when you think about the average click rates for commercial emails which is around 2-4%. Their best click rate for notifications is a whopping 39%. Since notifications are linked to specific landing pages, the users are led exactly to where the offer is available on the website. This has ensured an average session time of 2 minutes and 52 seconds among users landing through notifications.

John has a tip for the all the push notification senders out there. The image used in the notification plays a huge role in persuading the receiver to click on it. For John, what works best is using the actual images of samples on offer. Keeping the copy succinct and on point, similar to paid search ads, also helps boost click rates.

When we asked him what his favourite PushCrew feature was, the answer was unsurprising, “Expiring push notifications that lets me stop sending offers after X hours or days so I don't annoy my readers with expired time-sensitive offers.”

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