"As a non-tech team, using PushCrew has been tremendously easy for us. Our messages and CTAs are delivered clearly."

~ Claudia Correia, Content Manager at Tiendeo

About Tiendeo

In founder Maria Martin’s words, Tiendeo was started in 2010 with nothing less than the lofty ambition of reinventing the ubiquitous print catalogue. Print catalogues, a staple of Western consumerism for decades now, was a relic of the mail age. It was headed for obsolescence, and it certainly would have, if Tiendeo hadn’t resurrected it in an avatar that the modern digital consumer understands.

Basically, Tiendeo took catalogues online and gave users access to the same coupons and offers that once made mail-order catalogues such a fun shopping experience. Adding geolocalization, online offers, and allowing marketers greater targeting, Tiendeo is certainly well on its way to reinventing the print catalogue. Today, Tiendeo is present in more than 31 countries, with more than 17 million users per month.

As they scaled, they experimented with more and more ways to reach their customers, including a very well-received mobile app. When push notifications started to be talked about, Tiendeo knew they wanted in, and started to look at options.

The Tiendeo Use Case

What Tiendeo wanted to do was this: They wanted to get more of their newsletters read; they also wanted to use pushes for their now super-successful mobile app. And being an innovative company, they were always looking for the new, trending marketing channel, and hence made their way to push notifications.

When they started trialling PushCrew, the thing that got them most excited was the idea that they could give new users a relatively easy way to come back to the website for new offers. There would be less friction than email and adding a new list of subscribers was an exciting prospect for them.

What PushCrew did for Tiendeo

With PushCrew, Tiendeo started to try a bunch of stuff. At first, they started to send links of client catalogues to users. This evolved after some time as they started to lead users to land on pages with exclusive offers and coupons and so on. The response excited them so much that they are experimenting with several different combinations to reach customers, and really enjoying what they are doing. Now, they can even quote focussed insights like the best time of the day to send out a notification.

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The Results

Tiendeo has been using PushCrew for more than a year now, and their numbers are remarkable. Their average click rate is at 23% while their all time high is a phenomenal 33%.

One of the important things the team shared with us was that their pushes have 30% more engagement than their newsletters, which go to subscribers through email. Notifications on supermarket discounts, that most subscribers routinely look forward to, have turned out to be a hit. The percentage of returning visitors is now at 49%.

We asked what they loved about PushCrew, and the Tiendeo answer was prompt. Claudia Correia from the Tiendeo team told us that PushCrew was tremendously easy for them, as a non-tech team, to use, and that it made sure their messages and CTAs were delivered clearly, which is exactly what they required from a communication tool.

As for partnering with the team, she added that PushCrew’s professionalism and insight into their domain are adding value to the Tiendeo business.

“Quick error responses, efficient problem solving and reliability of (their) service are qualities that we highly value.”

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