"The rate of subscription per day has peaked since we started using PushCrew. This will give us the brand exposure and user retention rate we are looking for."

~ Preethi, Growth Marketer at Chargebee

About Chargebee

Chargebee was founded in 2011 to help global and local businesses sail through the nitty gritties of SaaS billing. They help you automate recurring billing, manage subscriptions & invoicing, and access all related metrics while letting you operate in the currency your customers are most comfortable with.

The Chargebee blog focuses on stories and lessons from across the SaaS landscape, and also features articles about their product and related market trends. They believe that the connections created through their blog help not just in influencing potential buyers but also in popularising their brand.

Chargebee uses several tools and techniques to grow traffic on their website. Their marketing team is always exploring new and better channels to build a loyal audience. With this goal in mind, they decided to give PushCrew a try.

The Use Case

"It was the idea of real time delivery and high response rates that prompted us to explore this new territory in communication," says Preethi, Growth Marketer at Chargebee.

"We don’t have to spend effort in collecting email addresses of subscribers to keep them engaged. This would also mean anonymity for the end user as it respects privacy," Preethi adds.

Charging Ahead with PushCrew

In a span of 3 months, Chargebee was able to get 2000+ blog visitors to subscribe to notifications from their website.

The rate of subscriptions is around 30 per day. Preethi adds, “At this rate, by the end of one year, we will hopefully achieve 10,000+ subscribers. This will give us the brand exposure, user engagement and retention that we are looking for.”

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However, they decided to wait until they got a sizeable audience before they started sending out Push Notifications. The intent was to be able to measure the impact of these notifications with good statistical significance.

The Results

Their best click rate so far has been 17.11%. The notification was delivered to 533 subscribers and 92 people clicked on it.

Preethi also dug out some data to show us the actual efficacy of this notification. She added that the bounce rate was 40% and the average session duration for the above notification was 2.5 minutes.

Chargebee has decided to send one notification for every new post they publish. After analysing the results, they are also planning to send notifications on old content which is still relevant. Experimenting with timing of notifications and re-sending notifications about the same content to get more clicks is also on their agenda.

The effort required to send a Push Notification is less than a few minutes. They no longer have to spend time on designing visuals or CTA buttons.

The result? 200% increase in click-rate!

Here’s what Preethi has to say,

“With traditional email list building and other engagement channels, the subscriber rate was far lower when compared to Push Notifications. The engagement with other channels in terms of click rate is 3 – 7%. With Push Notifications, our average click rate is over 14%.”

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