"PushCrew has been a great complement to all our other marketing channels. Ever since we started using PushCrew, we’ve seen an impressive conversion rate. The ROI has been fantastic; in fact, 7x more effective than some of our social channels."

~ Christoffer Lundberg, Content Marketer at Northmill

About Northmill

Northmill is a financial technology company, focusing on consumer banking services. Based in Sweden, with offices in Finland and Poland, the product line consists of consumer loans through two brands - Easycredit and Credigo, as well as an all-digital flexible credit line - Credway

As of 2018, Northmill has reached close to 300,000 customers. Within the coming months, Northmill will launch the fourth brand - Rebilla, that will offer everyday banking services such as a MasterCard, mobile transactions and international transfers.

Northmill’s Use Case for Push Notifications

At Northmill, Christoffer Lundberg works as a Content Marketer, and leverages content to get maximum conversions. One of his main challenges was to find a way to win back visitors who didn’t convert, whilst building a good subscriber-base

He heard about PushCrew through VWO, a tool they were already using for A/B testing. The fact that PushCrew was built by the makers of VWO was reassuring, and it seemed to be the solution he was looking for, so Northmill decided to give it a go.

With Web Push Notifications, they wanted to make:

  • Visitors aware about their campaigns,
  • Increase their conversion rate, and
  • Improve customer retention.

By enabling Push Notifications, Northmill could let subscribers know about their product using small clickable messages sent to them in real-time. All of this without overloading them with information.

Experimenting with Push Notifications

Christoffer experimented with multiple Push Notifications to figure out what works for the website. Since Push Notifications have a character limit, it made sense to use them to just talk about Northmill’s USP (Unique Selling Point) that is most urgent to many customers. The notification emphasized on how fast Northmill’s application process is, and this made the promoted action very clear.


They tried notifications without a clear USP as well, and there was a noticeable drop in the click rate. With the following notification, he realized that it is important to grab the subscribers attention in the first few words itself, otherwise the notification doesn’t perform that well.


The PushCrew Effect

Northmill had been using other push mediums, like emails and text messages, which were already performing very well. They had never done Push Notifications before though. As soon as they started using PushCrew, they were blown away by the possibilities.

The initial opt-in numbers were amazing. Over 6000 people opted-in without much effort, and there was an incredible conversion rate of 15%. Push Notifications now added the potential of interacting with people who have shown interest in their product, in a more intuitive way.

“We understood very early on that Push Notifications is not a driver of new visitors, but it brings back people who already know about the product. It showed us that there are certain gaps in our omnichannel strategy that we haven’t yet covered, and now we are working on them,” says Christoffer.

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The Way Ahead

At the moment Northmill’s opt-in trigger has been set up on the home page, since it has a higher conversion rate as compared to other pages. It took them time to upgrade to a Premium account, in order to use the Segment Creator to create segments and personalize their communication for their audience.

A word of advice from Christoffer, “It is very important that you take other marketing channels into consideration while planning your Push Notification Strategy. Make sure you are not oversaturating the user with too many different forms of communication. It’s critical that the subscribers don’t think you are intrusive.”

One major concern with Push Notifications was the factor of perceived privacy invasion, that had to be avoided. Since Push Notifications are pretty new to the customer in their browser settings, there is a lack of knowledge on their part. The customers are unaware of what data is being collected. Christoffer wanted to make sure that the information Northmill sends out in Push Notifications doesn’t seem invasive.

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