"PushCrew immensely helped us with retention marketing. We’ve successfully increased our repeat traffic and have been driving engagement using PushCrew."

~ Scott McBayer, Marketing Manager at Mindenegyben Blog

About Mindenegyben Blog

Mindenegyben Blog is a Hungarian publishing website that regularly produces interesting content, ranging from cooking recipes to relationship advice, funny gifs, life quotes, social experiments, zodiac signs, graphics, and much more.

The website was started by László H. with the aim of entertaining Hungary-based readers with funny and engaging content every day. Their reader base mainly consists of regular folks from all age groups who enjoy leisure reading.

The Use Case

Scott McBayer is the Marketing Manager at Mindenegyben Blog. His role involves building marketing strategies for customer acquisition and retention and thereby increasing website engagement.

While scrolling through the blog’s Google Analytics reports, Scott realized that, although they were driving hundreds of new visitors every day to their website, the repeat traffic on the website was very low. He intuitively knew that he had to do something to retain the existing users.

“You know, it’s seven times less expensive to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one! We were already driving significant traffic to our website, I just needed to focus on retaining these readers and nurturing those growing relationships. I believe that the key to growth for any brand is by increasing every customer's average lifetime value,” says Scott.

With the aim of converting existing traffic into loyal readers, he started researching the top customer retention tools in the industry. And that’s when he came across PushCrew.

The PushCrew Effect

“The best part about signing up with PushCrew was that it required much less coding. The setup was easy and took less than 5 minutes to get PushCrew up and running on our website!” adds Scott.

After setting up PushCrew, Mindenegyben Blog started rapidly collecting subscribers.

Recollecting the moment, Scott says, “From day one, we started getting a lot of subscribers for our opt-in notification placed on the website homepage. With PushCrew’s dashboard, we could also track delivery rates and click-rates for all our push campaigns, making it easier for us to identify which content pieces were working the best with our audience.”

The Winning Move

Initially, Mindenegyben Blog used to collect subscribers through a two-step verification process on their website. In this process, the reader would have to click ‘Allow’ twice to successfully subscribe and start receiving push notifications from the brand.

However, PushCrew’s Customer Success Team noticed that the current process was causing a significant leak of potential subscribers, since most subscribers did not complete the two-step opt-in. The team immediately recommended Scott change the two-step opt-in verification process to a single-step opt-in process.

Mindenegyben Blog increased their daily average subscribers from 300 to 2000!

The Results

Scott and his team promote news-related content to their subscribers because that’s what gives them the highest click-throughs. To identify how frequently they should be sending push notifications, Scott and his team ran multiple A/B tests and experimented with various time slots to send out push messages. They realized that sending three push messages a day gave them the best results and helped them increase repeat traffic by 38.3%.

Scott plans to experiment with the Audience Segmentation feature to further personalize their push notifications to drive better results. He says, “We publish a lot of content on a variety of topics regularly. I want to ensure that I give our readers a personalized reading experience based on their website behavior. We’ve already started working toward creating behavior-based campaigns to send highly targeted push messages.”

#1 Push Notification Tip

We asked Scott to share his #1 tip for fellow marketers, and his advice was, “Don’t bombard your subscribers with push notifications. Go slow. Gather subscribers at first, identify the type of posts that work well with your readers, keep an eye on data, and then send out targeted notifications for the best results.”

Mindenegyben Blog use web push notification in tandem with other marketing channels, such as Facebook and Google+, and they believe that having a unified marketing campaign works well for the brand.

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