"PushCrew saved me the time, resources, and effort to build a mobile app. It is a faster, simpler, and more effective way to update my users."

~ Jesse, Founder of K2NBlog

About K2NBlog

K-Pop burst into international limelight in 2012 with Psy breaking not just the internet but also the YouTube view counter. However, even before that, the Asian Pop Music scene has been raging wild for decades with its own share of cult following. For these long-time fans and also the newbies, K2NBlog is the online space to be, to listen to and download different music genres like K-pop, J-pop, C-pop, and many more.

The Use Case

Jesse, the founder of K2NBlog, was exploring the possibility of building a mobile app for the website. The problem he wanted to solve through this was — real-time communication. None of the mediums over which he was communicating with his audience were instant. Emails, Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds all depend on his subscribers to login to these platforms. Needless to add, all of these are super swamped with messages from friends, relatives, colleagues, and brands like K2NBlog, all the time.

Jesse knew that building a mobile app would solve it all for K2NBlog. With a mobile app, he’d be able to deliver instant push notifications right on his subscribers’ devices. Just that, building it needed a lot of time, investment, and effort.

While browsing News24 one day, Jesse was asked for permission to allow push notifications from the website. He was amazed! He didn’t know websites could send out push notifications too. He found out that they were using PushCrew and decided to contact us.

The PushCrew Effect

In a day’s time, he received the code and set it up on his website. Within a few hours, he had gained 100 new subscribers from his first notification alone. Thrilled with this new development, he tweeted to his followers to check it out and subscribe for push notifications from K2NBlog.

Real time communication without a mobile app for latest music
K2N Blog asking followers on Twitter to subscribe to Push Notifications from their website

The Results

Within 25 days of installing PushCrew, K2NBlog clocked 10k subscribers! That comes down to 400 subscribers in a day.

Jesse chooses the most attractive music piece of the day to send out a push notification. The average click rate so far for all his notifications is 18.5%.

The best click rate that he has seen so far is 26.72%. Here’s the notification that got more than 1000 users on K2Nblog, almost immediately after being sent:

The Push Notification that got K2NBlog the highest click rate, 26.72%

Now, Jesse could let his subscribers know about the latest and hottest music in lightning speed, real-time. When asked, “Why PushCrew?” Jesse observed,

“My users asked me for a mobile app to receive updates faster. But now I know that sending push notifications with PushCrew is a much simpler and faster way to do it. And more effective too.”

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