"Creating behaviour-based campaigns with PushCrew allows our clients to increase engagement and top of mind awareness. They also give us the capability of better communicating with our clients, prospects and ultimately, drive new revenue to their businesses."

~ Melanie McMurrain, VP of Client Strategy at Interactivity Digital

About Interactivity Digital

Interactivity Digital is an interactive marketing agency that provides customized marketing solutions to both large and small businesses, in the digital realm. They have extensive experience in engaging their clients in some of the most creative ways and creating memorable online experiences.

Interactivity Digital’s Use Case

Melanie McMurrain is the VP of Client Strategy at Interactivity Digital. She and her team keep a constant eye on digital trends. They knew that email open rates have been lowering over the past few years. Hence, they are always seeking new and innovative technology that helps brands connect with their subscribers better and increases brand visibility.

Melanie was impressed to see that push notifications could be generated at a specific time or over a period of time, and that they had the ability to reach more prospects, without having to rely on email communications. She was excited at the opportunity to send personalized messages based on users’ various behavioral actions.

The PushCrew Effect

Interactivity Digital’s clients have been using PushCrew specifically to increase their webinar attendance and to guide registrants perform other webinar-related actions. Using PushCrew, they saw their webinar attendance increase between 4% to 12%. Their push notification subscriber count also shot up and is currently at 1165 subscribers. Apart from that, they continue receiving an average click rate of 10%, with their best click rate at an astounding 36%!

“Sending webinar-specific marketing push notifications worked particularly well for us since the subscribers knew what to expect. There were lesser instances of complaints or even unsubscribes.”

Once the webinar is over, they also use PushCrew to follow-up by sharing links to replays of the webinar and share the scarcity of their offers. The lists that they are able to create with PushCrew’s help is also serving an additional purpose: Creating a database of hot prospects to follow-up with and invite for future training events.

The Way Ahead

Currently, the team at Interactivity Digital has set the opt-in requests to appear on webinar Thank You pages so that it enables people to request for webinar specific reminders as a push notification on their desktop or mobile device.

PushCrew’s Segment Creator has been the marketing agency’s favourite feature so far, with its ability to create custom audience segments for better personalization.

They also found value in leveraging push notifications 2 hours before a webinar is scheduled to happen and then, again at 15 minutes before the event. As of now, the team uses push notifications as a standalone medium, but they’d love to try collaborating it with other mediums, such as email and social media.

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