"Not only is it simple to personalize messages with PushCrew, but scheduling notifications across various audience segments is also astoundingly easy. We’ve seen a 350% rise in customer engagement and tremendous growth in our revenues using Push Notifications."

~ Daniel Wesley, Founder of CreditLoan®

About CreditLoan®

Started in July 1998, CreditLoan® is an online platform designed to educate millions of consumers on finance-related issues. They've helped over 750,000 customers by providing clear information about personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, student loans, refinancing loans etc. They also facilitate practical tools and solutions that everyone can use.

The Use Case

Daniel Wesley is the Founder of CreditLoan®. He and his team were using email marketing to engage with their potential customers. He noticed that the average open rate for their emails was as low as 1.5%.

Daniel says, “For us, email marketing wasn’t nearly as effective as it used to be. I knew I had to opt for a new marketing channel that would allow me to directly interact with my audience and build lasting relationships with my consumers.”

While researching online, Daniel discovered that Push Notifications were receiving an astounding open rate of 40% for the finance sector. This made for a compelling reason to add Push Notifications to their marketing outreach initiatives. He started looking for top Push Notification platforms for the finance and educational industries, and signed up with PushCrew.

The PushCrew Effect

Daniel and his team researched industry best practices and engagement metrics such as clicks and unsubscribe rate. Based on this study, they decided on a push notification frequency of three messages per week -- every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

They realised that their homepage and blog were the most frequently visited pages by consumers and decided to place their ‘Opt-in’ message on both these pages to increase their subscriber base.

When we asked Daniel what kind of Push Notifications work best for CreditLoan®, he said, “Our top performing messages are transactional. With blog posts, there’s a lot more to factor in, relevancy and interest of users in certain topics. With transactional, we can instantly tell what messaging works well based on the engagement and revenue.”

The Results

The company’s main goal was to increase user engagement for their blog and website..

After using PushCrew, CreditLoan® saw a 350% rise in user engagement. Their repeat traffic grew significantly, with consumers spending more time on their website than ever before.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what CreditLoan® achieved using PushCrew

  • Their first notification itself helped them gain their first set of 230 subscribers.
  • Improved visibility with their consumers- some of whom were not even aware about the content that they offered.
  • In comparison to the previous month, their Push campaign demonstrated a 22.09% lift in revenue!
  • PushCrew helped them achieve a CTR of 8% as compared to 1.5% through emails.

The Way Ahead

We asked Daniel how he plans to optimize his strategy further and here’s what he had to say, “Currently, our Push Notification strategy does not correlate with our email or social media campaigns. Me and my team seek to align these initiatives to deliver a more cohesive customer messaging campaign.”

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