"Just give PushCrew a try, it would surprise you in the most positive way! Ever since we started push notifications as a marketing channel, all our competitors started using it, you should try it too!"

~ Leonardo, Chief Digital Manager

About Arcaplanet

Fondly known as the paradise for animals, Arcaplanet is Italy’s largest chain of pet stores, specializing in pet food & care. The chain sells all kinds of food and accessories for every type of pet—dogs, cats, birds, rodents, fish, ferrets, turtles etc.

Arcaplanet has grown enormously over the last 20 years. Today, they have a strong offline and online presence with over one million online users and an astounding network of 211 direct sales points distributed across 15 regions, coupled with 1,300 employees worldwide.

The Use Case

Leonardo is the Chief Digital Manager at Arcaplanet and primarily takes care of marketing for the brand. When Arcaplanet launched their online store, Leonardo intuitively knew that replicating his offline marketing tactics online would not work effectively for the brand.

“We wanted to differentiate between our brick and mortar stores and eCommerce customers and were looking for a new communication channel that could split the target.”

The PushCrew Effect

While browsing for marketing channels, Leonardo stumbled upon ‘The State of Web Push Notifications 2017-18’ report by PushCrew. Intrigued with the concept of web push notifications and the ease of setting it up, Leonardo decided to give PushCrew a spin.

His first push notification saw an astounding 300% growth in website traffic, which also helped Arcaplanet capture their first set of 150+ subscribers. Recollecting the moment, Leonardo shares, “I was amazed! It works from day one, it’s just unbelievable to see the growth of subscribers and increasing CTR everyday. Web push notifications helped us direct the correct message to our potential customers.”

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Personalizing Push Notifications

Arcaplanet signed up with PushCrew in early 2017 and has been using PushCrew ever since. Leonardo is especially fond of PushCrew’s Segment Creator which helps him optimize his push notification strategy for the brand.

“Our audience is very diverse. PushCrew’s segment creator helps me segregate my audience and send them personalised push notifications based on their actions on my website and other attributes such as location, device, etc. This has significantly reduced cart abandonment and increased customer engagement for Arcaplanet.it.” adds Leonardo

Push Notification Tips

We asked Leonardo to share some push notification best practices for fellow eCommerce entrepreneurs and marketers and here’s what he had to share.

  • Push notifications about deals and discounts work the best.
  • Be less intrusive and add value to your customers, restrict push notification frequency to 2 per week.
  • Display your opt-in on the homepage as it helps capture potential customers at the very beginning of their buyers journey.

The Way Ahead

Leonardo is happy with the traction his eCommerce store is gaining among its customers and plans on using big hero images to make his push notifications even more enticing.

We ended the conversation by asking Leonardo how his experience with PushCrew has been so far, to which he replied, “The PushCrew team has been incredible! They really care about their customers and are very prompt with feedback.”

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