Sending Push Notifications is the quickest way for driving user engagement to your desired landing page. This mainly requires you to tempt the users into performing an action on those clickable messages. It’s an art to write a creative message in a crisp format that can immediately grab attention.

Quick, handy tips to ensure you perfect your Push Notification marketing skills


Right tone

Write the message in a manner that strikes a conversation. Keep your users hooked with catchy one-liners and calls to action. Determine the right type of Push Notifications that works the best for your business. Use simple and direct language. The message should easily convey what the notification is about. Tell the readers how they will benefit if they click the message.



Make your subscribers feel important by sending them Push Notifications based on their interest. Start by segmenting your users into different parameters. Send relevant messages to the targeted audience and increase click rate, traffic, and engagement for your desired landing pages.


FOMO and action-oriented messages

Create a sense of urgency by tempting users to click the notifications related to certain actions. Clearly convey what the users should do next if they intend to get a discount from your website or download a report that you’ve published. An action-oriented message prompt users to take action. This gets more responses and conversions compared to a normal message.


Frequency and timing

Schedule your notifications to get delivered according to your subscribers’ time zones. Timing is critical regardless of your content. Also, ensure that you set the expiry time for time-bound messages. You wouldn’t want your users to receive notifications on offers that no longer exist.

Craft Compelling Messages


Grab user attention by being crisp and specific in the messages that you send. Limit the title to 48 characters and copy to 100 characters. An image looks best at 192x192 px, and the hero image works only for certain versions of Chrome. Add relevant emojis to give them an extra appeal.


No repetition

Avoid spamming your subscribers with repetitive messages. Such instances may annoy the end user, leading to an overall reduction in CTR and increase in unsubscribes. Remember to add variety to your Push Notifications to keep your customers engaged.

How to get more ROI out of Push Notifications Get Quick Tips